60 seconds in the life of the internet

60 seconds doesn’t really sound like a lot of time does it? It wasn’t that long ago that it took that long before a television set had warmed up enough for it to be watchable but we live in different times now. it’s a fast moving world and the internet is at the forefront but just what can be fitted into one minute on the information super-highway? You’ll be surprised!

The abandoned supercars of Dubai

The abandoned supercars of Dubai

The U.A.E. became rich off the back of it’s oil resources and no other place represented the wealth of it’s country like Dubai, it’s streets ware practically dripping with the most glamorous hypercars available to the fattest wallets but even this rich nation isn’t immune to the global economic downturn. The U.A.E. has harsh laws on people in debt so many people prefer to flee the country leaving behind may of their possessions … including their cars. This video shows the expensive and luxurious supercars left abandoned on the streets of Dubai!

The 27 Club

The 27 Club

Its the exclusive club that no musician wants to be a member of … The 27 Club! But is there really a curse that means that influential and talented musicians are more likely to die at the young age of 27? Watch this video and decide for yourself if those talented musicians were cursed to die young!

Astonishing unexplained ghost photos

In our modern age of photoshop, it’s easy to dismiss photographic evidence of ghosts as mere fakes but what about images of ghostly beings from before the age of photoshop or even before computers? Are they so easy to discredit, especially if those photos have been examined by experts from every relevant field and still appear genuine? See this collection of the most perplexing photos of ghosts ever taken!

Did Catherine the Great’s death involve a horse?

I’m sure you have heard all of the lurid rumours about Catherine the Great’s death – that it involved her wanting to get amorous with a stallion? But, really?, can that be true or is it just an urban myth? But she isn’t the only person to have had unusual and bizarre rumours spreading about their demise. Watch this video and find out about some of the strangest stories ever spread about celebrity deaths!

Unexplained Disappearances

It’s not easy to disappear without trace, especially for a famous person. There are a lot of people looking for you, the police, amateur detectives and the general public but people do disappear and some of them are incredibly famous or even notorious. Sometimes you have to wonder if they disappeared by choice or if there were other mysterious hands at work!

Nazi Conspiracy Theories

The Nazi’s were some of the most evil people ever to exist so it’s no surprise that stories about them captivate us so much but was the Nazi regime really wiped out in the 1940’s? Did the Third Reich die out with Hitler? Did Hitler even die in that bunker? Conspiracy theories abound about the Nazi’s, many of them truly are bizarre but that doesn’t mean that they are not true … Does it?