Bizarre Space Conspiracy Theories

In the field of human exploration, space travel is the newest but already it has thrown up a whole host of conspiracy theories which isn’t really all the surprising considering it’s origins and the superpowers involved in the space race. Some of those theories can only be described as “bizarre” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t true! Here is a selection of the strangest to consider.

Immortal humans

Immortality has been in the dreams of many people since the dawn of time but has anyone ever achieved everlasting life? There are myths and legends the world over of people who have achieved immortality, either as a gift or a curse from the gods, through alchemy or by other arcane means. Who knows, there could be a select few people out there who have lived through dozens of wars, hundreds of changes of governments and will live on to see the end of time!

The lost planets of the Solar System

How many planets did they teach you that there was in our Solar System? The answer they taught you was probably wrong! There has long been quests to discover hidden planets in our own patch of the galaxy, even now, when we are discovering far-flung planets in other planetary systems, the search for more of our neighbours continues. But even then, was there ever planets in our system that now no longer exist? Watch and find out!